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💀 To get THATCHER'S TECHBASE and find instructions on how to play the game on a number of platforms, visit

💀 THATCHER'S TECHBASE is Boom-compatible DOOM WAD that can be played on any device that can run a Boom-compatible source port of DOOM. This includes PC, Mac, Linux, Nintendo 3/DS, Wii, PSVita and Android devices - among others. The page linked above will try and help you set things up on most platforms.

💀 This is the v1.0 release of THATCHER'S TECHBASE. While it has been tested on all five difficulties and run on six different source ports across three platforms, this is still more or less a one-man-band dev project and I fully anticipate bugs, glitches and other issues - especially when running it on homebrew consoles like the 3DS or Vita. If you encounter any problems with THATCHER.wad, feel free to contact me and I'll try my best to resolve them in a future release.

💀 Due to time constraints, the promised Spanish and Portuguese translations are sadly not in this initial release - but I intend to get them in as soon as I can. However, a decent grasp of English is entirely unnecessary to enjoy the v1.0 wad and is only needed to read the flavour text and understand item pickup messages like "You need a piss".

💀 If you're stuck on the title screen, try hitting the ESC key to bring up the menu.

💀 Like all original DOOM wads, THATCHER'S TECHBASE does not have an autosave function. You can save via the pause menu, or use F6 to quick-save and F9 to quick-load (these keys can be remapped).

💀 If you're playing on modern source ports that support things like freelook, crouching and jumping, that's totally fine - it won't break anything, but will probably make certain areas easier than was intended. Feel free to play the wad in a way that you enjoy.

💀 Same goes for cheats - 'noclip' may be handy if you get your ass stuck in some of my whack geometry.

💀 Whether you want to play the game in 4:3 or Widescreen is entirely up to you. The game looks fine in both formats!

💀 I WOULD recommend turning off sprite/texture-smoothing if you have it on, though, so that you can properly appreciate the work that was put into the game's art.

💀 I haven't tried the game with Project Brutality or similar mods, but I believe it should work just fine. Same applies for VR Doom ports like QuestZDoom.


💀 The soundtrack is not covered by any DMCA/ContentID rules. Feel free to play it loud, and maybe give a shoutout to @nostoppingepoch.

💀 The game's gore and violence is equivalent to that of the original DOOM (1993) and its follow-ups. There's no nudity or sexual content. I'd give it a "15" rating.

💀 Please stop tweeting Limmy about the game.


💀 Apart from the soundtrack, everything in THATCHER.WAD is free for you to lift, shift and use however you wish - graphics, textures, sprites, sounds, map data, the lot. No need to contact me for permission or give credit or anything like that.